Dimensional Weight Shipping Costs and Your Small Business

Dimensional weight shipping is the new order when it comes to ground shipping. Gone are the days of shipping items to customers via UPS and FedEx based on only the weight of the package. Starting January 1, 2015, the dimensions of a package will be part of the formula used to calculate what you’ll be paying for all UPS® Ground services and UPS® Standard to Canada, and FedEx Ground services. [Read more…]

Moving Boxes – 8 Packing Tips to Help Your Move Go Smoothly

icon - Save 15% on moving boxes hendersonville ncDoes the thought of packing for a move make you feel overwhelmed? There are a lot of steps to take when moving from one home to another. Packing is by far the most time-consuming and daunting of the tasks. By using a little pre-planning and some proper packing tips, you can fill those moving boxes in no time.

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Free, Printable Moving Checklist and Packing Tips

Purchase moving boxes & supplies from Mail Box & Pack in Hendersonville, NCGetting ready to move? Thoughts of movers, packing and changing locations can be somewhat overwhelming. With a little organization, like our moving checklist, you’ll be able to plan and execute your move with a lot less worry.  Whether you are moving from Hendersonville, North Carolina, to another part of the country or you’re moving across town, we have a few tips to get you from your current to your new home.

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