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Moving Boxes - 8 Packing Tips to Help Your Move Go SmoothlyDoes the thought of packing for a move make you feel overwhelmed? There are a lot of steps to take when moving from one home to another. Packing is by far the most time-consuming and daunting of the tasks. By using a little pre-planning and some proper packing tips, you can fill those moving boxes in no time.

To get you started in the moving process, take a look at our article, “Free, Printable Checklist and Packing Tips.” You’ll find a checklist with many of the common moving tasks that start two months out from your moving date. When you download the checklist, you’ll also receive a special discount coupon for 15% off all moving supplies and moving boxes in Hendersonville, NC from Mail Box & Pack.

What Types of Moving Boxes Do You Need?

There are small cardboard boxes, large cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, dish pack boxes, book boxes, lamp boxes, mirror boxes, mattress moving boxes, and tv boxes from which you can choose. You’ll also need bubble wrap or unprinted newspaper, packing tape, and plastic covers to keep items, like mattresses, clean (See Shipping, Packing & Moving Supplies). To get a good idea of what types of boxes you’ll need, take an inventory of all your items. When purchasing boxes, it’s also important to make sure you select boxes that are durable enough for moving. Not all cardboard boxes are the same. Using good, quality boxes designed for moving is the best way to make sure you don’t have any boxes that will collapse or fall apart.

8 Packing Tips – Packing Your Moving Boxes Properly

  1. General packing – Pack on a room-by-room basis. Try to organize the items as you pack. When you’ve finished a box, label it to identify the contents and the room into which it will be moved in your new home.
  2. Dishes, glasses and stemware – A dish pack box is the best way to pack your dishware, glasses and stemware. These cardboard boxes are exceptionally sturdy and made of corrugated cardboard. Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually in clean paper. Place cushioning material at the bottom of the box and then wrap up to three individually-wrapped pieces in a bundle with double layer of paper. Place these bundled items on edge in the carton. You’ll want to surround each bundle with more paper to make certain there are no spaces and to protect the edges. Shallow bowls should be wrapped the same way and packed on edge while deep bowls should be nested and packed upside down. The same goes for cups – wrap them to protect the handles and pack them upside down. Remember to label the boxes “FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP.”
  3. Small mirrors, plaques and pictures – Wrap each individually and pack them on edge.
  4. Lamps and lamp shades – Before packing a lamp, remove the shade, light bulb and harp. Place it in the carboard moving box and fill the empty space with clean paper. Wrap lamp shades with clean paper and place them in a separate box (for silk shade, place only one shade in each box).
  5. Fragile items – It’s a good idea to wrap these items in bubble wrap. If you decide you want to ship these items ahead of you, Mail Box & Pack in Hendersonville, NC can pack and ship them for you. Just give us a call to schedule a free estimate and pick-up.
  6. Books – Beware of the desire to pack too many books in one box; use small cartons. These boxes get heavy! When packing books lay them flat or with the spine touching the bottom of the carton. Books that are expensive or have sentimental value should be individually wrapped before packing.
  7. Photographs – Family photographs, slides, and negatives should be packed separately from other household items. Photographs in frames should be wrapped and placed on end.
  8. Clothing – Wardrobe boxes are a great way to move clothing items. Clothing can be left on hangars and placed in the boxes.

Hopefully these tips will help you make packing your items go a lot more smoothly. Don’t forget to download our Moving Checklist along with the coupon to save on your moving supplies. And remember, whether it’s boxes, tape, bubble wrap, or wrapping paper, we off a 100% buy back for unused supplies with your purchase receipt!

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