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I cannot say enough good things about this store. Their manager is so easy to work with, always so patient, and they handle their long lines and busy season so much better than other places. Our agency is very thankful to have this business in town. Also, on a personal level, I can’t get enough of their gifts in the storefront. I could hang out and buy something every week.

- Kristin D.

Where do I start? Here’s the long story told short. I found this large sign at an antique store while staying in Saluda, NC. I took it to a mailing center in Lander, Saluda and Tryon and everyone told me they couldn’t ship because it was too big. I found a place in Lander that said they could send it, but they couldn’t assure me that it would be in good condition once I received it. I left, and that night, we had that tropical storm come through and we had no power in any of the surrounding towns. I was extremely pressed for time as we were leaving the next morning to drive back to Myrtle Beach, SC. I drove to Hendersonville with little hope. I went to the mailing center there, and as before, I was told “it’s too big.” I googled “ship large sign” into google and Mail Box & Pack popped up. I called and spoke with Tim Kuykendall, the store manager. I told him what was going on, and he was literally walking out the door. He waited on me to arrive, and after talking things over, he told me he would personally deliver my sign, as he was planning on coming to Myrtle Beach. I’m proud to say Tim Kuykendall personally delivered my sign this morning. Absolute legend this guy is!!!! I was so stoked about the sign because it’s $500-$1,200 all day. The lady at store said make an offer I was about to say $200 and I walked off to look at something else and she comes back and says $40!!!!! “Sold,” I said!!! Not even thinking about how the heck I’m getting it back to Myrtle Beach, lol… So…….. Tim Kuykendall, you are my hero, and you’re a legend, man!!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!!!
- Trey A.

I have shipped with them for 5 years. Literally thousands of packages and boxes. I have been through two owners and a lot of employees there. They are more expensive than direct with carriers; however, they are worth every penny for several reasons. They own what they do, and they do it right. When there were problems, they responded perfectly, professionally, and politely. They have always tried to make me whole in every dealing I have had. Secondly, I like doing business locally with people I can look in the eye and believe their word. They have proven their honesty MANY times. Yes, I could pay less; however, they are a time multiplier. I drop it off, and they handle it. They are a business partner. Competent, pleasant, and the record keeping of transactions is bulletproof. Simply put, they are excellence. Proud to work with them.

- Andy B.

My mother recently moved into the assisted living facility above the shopping center of Mail Box & Pack in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We discovered them one afternoon last week when we were in search of a notary. I’ve never had better customer service or a more pleasant attitude from a wonderful customer service rep like I did with Keith. He went over and beyond what is expected of customer service. He explained to us in very easy to understand terms what we were having to get notarized. He made this so painless and effortless. I can’t brag enough about him. My mother has already made friends with many others in the community where she lives. We are definitely passing it around that he is the one to see at this great little store. Keep up the good work.

- Shania B.

We go to Mail Box & Pack for whatever we can: cool stamps, cards, mailing things to family across the country, etc. They are helpful and remember us. Appreciate good service these days!

- Sarah C.

The most incredible service I’ve received anywhere. At a very difficult time, their professionalism and above-and-beyond customer service was the highlight of my day. Won’t go anywhere else in Hendersonville!

- Jay V.

Good, convenient place to ship my packages. Always friendly and eager to help. Never had a bad experience here.

- Dennis H.

I have always had good service with Mail Box & Pack of Hendersonville!

- Joy G.

The Mail Box & Pack team is super! They were so friendly, helpful and efficient. I needed to ship a GIANT box, and they handled it with swiftness and professionalism. I highly recommend Mail Box & Pack!
- Steve P.

I have used Mail Box & Pack a few different times. Great service, never had any problems with my things getting where they needed on time! Great variety of products as well, love the Melissa and Doug line.

- Tiffany B.

Always very helpful, professional, and kind! Even when our toddlers are running around the store (I love that they carry the Melissa & Doug activity books). The remodel is beautiful, too. If you haven’t been in since the new ownership, you should. It’s the only place I go for shipping and printing. The P.O. Boxes have an actual street address which is great for a business, and if you need someone to receive a package for you, so you’re not worried about it being left in the rain or missing it all together.

- Toni W.

Best packing & shipping store around! These folks are professionals at packaging valuables and shipping them, so they arrive safely. I recommend them to all my clients!

- Chris S.

I want to thank Tim Kuykendall for the SUPERIOR service and care he gave me to get the correct return label from a vendor, so I did not have to go home and deal with it another day(I had printed it incorrectly). He was getting off work and came back in when he was heading out the door AFTER HIS SHIFT to contact the vendor and have the info sent to him so the shipment could be completed before I left and be done with it. I was SO GRATEFUL!! What an incredible demonstration of caring for your “neighbor!!”

- Kurt H.

Great service & location with convenient hours – the Saturday morning hours are a lifesaver during busy weeks. I ship a large number of packages through here, and also receive packages here with my mailbox rental. It gives me peace of mind knowing that there’s always someone there to receive packages.

- Kathleen F.

Mail Box & Pack is a great place to get your packages shipped. They are extremely helpful and will make sure your package gets shipped on time and as quick as possible. I was happy to know they also offer printing services, too!

- Layna G

Fantastic work and customer service. Under new ownership/management. These folks know how to get a job done right the FIRST TIME and for reasonable prices.

- Jim B.

Worked with Rick on several large pack and ship projects; always found him to be helpful, friendly and great with communicating with us. Will work with him again when we have the chance.

- Jeff B.

This store went above & beyond for me. We came in after the death of a family member and were generally a mess. We found this store to be cheaper, more careful, and more efficient than other places — we shipped from Mail Box & Pack and a competitor, and everything from Mail Box & Pack arrived earlier and in better shape. They were also very patient with us as we priced various options.

- S P.

I was a customer in the store when another reviewer (who left a negative review) was trying to convince employees to skirt the law to receive illegally obtained items. The customer was very rude, but the employees still did everything they could to help him within the bounds of the law, and he admitted they had done what they could.

- Tammy F.

Amazing team at Mail Box & Pack! I love that you can get a PO Box with an actual physical address, so it seems more professional, and that they can accept my packages and keep them secure for me until I can pick them up. I also use them regularly for printing bulk items for work because their quality and pricing is outstanding, including our holiday cards! They print, address, add postage, AND send my cards! It’s such a time saver and removes a huge stress from my plate!
- Toni W.

I’ve used quite a few pack and ships in my day and can honestly say this one is the best! Always professional, always suggesting the best way to ship because every item is different. I appreciate the help. I know when I go in, not only am I already in the computer but my regular receivers are, too. Makes for a quick, friendly experience.

- David S.

This place is under new ownership, and they have really turned it around. Not only does it look new, but the new staff is very helpful. I was in today needing to send mail internationally with signature required. It took the staff no time to find me a solution from FedEx. Great work guys!

- Luke S.

Mail Box & Pack is great! It takes too much time to pack and ship, so I just drop my stuff off with them and they take care of it! Super convenient and very friendly folks with lots of shipping options to get things where they need to go, even internationally. And they’ve got new ownership that’s doing neat things with the store. They’ve got packing supplies, gift bags and wraps, and some unique gifts like art supplies and toys that make for easy and convenient gift shopping for the grandkids! I highly recommend!

- Molly H.

I had to ship a fairly fragile pastel painting to Colorado, and when my client received it (very quickly!), they actually commented on how impressed they were with how well it was packaged. I won’t use anyone but these folks!!

- Jan J.

This is a one-stop shop that covers a variety of mailing/shipping and even printing needs. The staff is knowledgeable and can help with pretty much anything you might need. Rick Bess has wonderful customer service skills, and the services offered are done with the highest quality at reasonable fees. A+ in my book

- Kevin M.

Total pros! I got there a little bit before 8:30, and Tim went ahead and let me in. He made some good suggestions about the best way to send my package, and we arrived at a great affordable choice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mail Box & Pack.

- Nathan B.

I like to ship my boxes here; all the staff are nice and very welcoming. The gentleman at the counter named Keith is so helpful and kind to help me out when I didn’t get my label print properly.
If you need help to pack your items, go to this place. They definitely will help you along the way and make sure your item is safe and boxed properly. They send shipments by DHL, FedEx and many more. Just ask what is the best option for you.

- Tini W.

This place is open during the hours posted! Shocker, right? Hey, I’ve had problems with this lately. Anyway, I called ahead to make sure they were open this morning and they were. The guy at the counter was working a line but efficiently. He had no problem answering the phone and dealing with the few customers there. He was super friendly and helped me get my package on the way. I really didn’t know what I was doing but had to return a package and had a label. He let me use his tape also. Quick and easy.

- Meagan H.

I needed to send certified mail out of the country which cannot be done by USPS certified mail. The staff at Mail Box & Pack made it easy with a FedEx alternative. Great service and a fresh new look!

- Luke S.

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