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We can help you ship your items anywhere in the world.

When you need to ship a package from Hendersonville, North Carolina to elsewhere in the state, country, or world, you need a reliable shipping partner to make sure your items get to their destination safely, on time and at the right price. At Mail Box & Pack, we want to be that partner for you. We offer the friendliest and most knowledgeable shipping services around. We also offer more carrier options than anyone in Hendersonville to make sure your package gets to its destination at the right time and for the best price.

Ship in Hendersonville, North Carolina

Whether you need local or worldwide shipping, we can ship via US mail (USPS), DHL, UPS, or FedEx based on your needs. We have cardboard boxes and shipping materials that are approved for domestic and international shipping. If your items are fragile, we can pack the items safely for you or provide you with the materials to do it yourself so you can have confidence they’ll arrive safely at their intended destination. We can also insure your shipment against damage or loss.

Not sure what the best shipping method for your item is? Our team is trained from their first day on the job to be exceptionally helpful, and they’ll be happy to make recommendations so you can choose which shipper best fits your needs. Factors such as cost, insurance coverage, speed of delivery, and more will all be explained to your complete satisfaction.

We can help you ship any number of things allowed by the shipping carriers, including Amazon returns, items sold on eBay, local apples, fragile heirlooms and care packages for loved ones who are far away. We also carry postage stamps and greeting cards so you can send a quick “I love you” to someone far away. While you’re in the store, don’t hesitate to ask us about our other services, such as notary services, private mailboxes, direct mail, copy & print services, and more.ship.


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