How to Choose the Best Shipping Boxes for Your Needs

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When you have items larger than a standard document to ship, you will need special packaging. The best way to ensure that your items will arrive to their destination undamaged and on time is to choose the right shipping boxes. Shipping boxes come in many different sizes, materials, and shapes. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right shipping boxes for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Boxes for Your Needs

  • Shipping Carton Style – There are many different styles of shipping cartons to choose from. Some of the more popular shipping carton styles are:

   Corrugated Mailers – Great for grouping several small items together.
   Single-Wall Boxes – The most-used shipping carton. This is a standard corrugated box.
   Double-Wall Boxes – An extra layer of carboard provides protection for the contents. Perfect for mailing heavier, larger or more fragile items.

  • Product Size – The size of your products will determine the size of your shipping boxes. The dimensions stated on the box are the dimensions of the inside of the box, not the dimensions around the outside of the box. As long as the dimensions of your item are smaller than the dimensions of the box, then they should fit. Be sure to leave room for packing materials.
  • The Product – The kind of products you are shipping will greatly determine the shipping boxes you will need to use. If you are shipping clothes and other similar items, you will likely want a snug fitting box. If you are shipping food or other perishables you will want a shipping box and packing material that will protect your items from temperature and humidity changes. There are insulated shipping packages, ice packs, and heat pack options as well.

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