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Free, Printable Moving Checklist and Packing TipsGetting ready to move? Thoughts of movers, packing and changing locations can be somewhat overwhelming. With a little organization, like our moving checklist, you’ll be able to plan and execute your move with a lot less worry. Whether you are moving from Hendersonville, North Carolina, to another part of the country or you’re moving across town, we have a few tips to get you from your current to your new home.

Checklist for Moving Starts at Least Two Months in Advance

The moving process should begin at least two months prior to the moving truck’s arrival at your home. During this phase, you’ll be doing your research… selecting your mover, identifying what you will keep and what you will discard. The best way to start is to create a binder in which you will keep your moving estimates, your receipts and an inventory of your belongings.

This is also the time you should be getting together all your important paperwork and records. If you have children, have their school records sent to the new school. Obtain copies of your medical and/or veterinary records. Call your insurance company to find out what information they need for your policies and gather copies of all your legal and financial records. Receive our discount offer on moving supplies and print our Moving Checklist.

Six Weeks Prior – It’s Time to Buy Your Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

The packing begins. The quality of boxes and the way they are packed are important in protecting the contents. Cardboard boxes come in all different shapes, sizes and strengths. Corrugated cardboard boxes should have at least a 200 lb. test in strength to make sure your household belongings will arrive safely. Used or weaker boxes may crush under heavy loads so you’ll want to avoid them as much as possible.

Wondering where to buy moving boxes? Hendersonville’s Mail Box & Pack can provide you with all your moving supplies from moving boxes to bubble wrap and tape. You can also buy moving boxes for specific items like wardrobe boxes and dish pack cardboard boxes. (Click to receive a printable moving list with our moving supplies coupon offer). When it comes to packing, you’ll want to start with the items you use the least. Label the boxes with the contents and also identify the room for which they are destined.

Shipping Items Separately to You or to Family Members

If you’ve got any antiques or valuable items, have them appraised before you do anything. After doing so, you may decide you would like to have certain items shipped separately. Shipping items separately may also be a necessity if you’re downsizing and family members want a certain piece of furniture or keepsake. At Mail Box & Pack, we’ll pack and ship those antique and collectible items for you to meet industry standards using carrier-approved materials. No item is too big or small… or unusual. Contact Mail Box & Pack in Hendersonville, NC, to schedule a free estimate and pick-up.

One Month Before Your Move – Handling the Little Details

It’s time to take care of all the little details. Visit your post office to fill out a change of address form. If you’ll be moving from one area of Hendersonville to another area close by, you may want to consider renting a private mailbox (see 7 Benefits of a Private Mailbox Service). You’ll also want to notify important parties of your move like your bank, credit card companies, newspapers, magazines, and utilities. For more packing checklist items, download our printable moving checklist.

Mail Box & Pack in Hendersonville, NC – Your Source for Shipping, Packing & Moving Supplies

At Mail Box & Pack we offer a wide assortment of cardboard moving boxes and moving supplies like bubble wrap, packing tape and packing peanuts. All our moving boxes are high-quality and offered in a variety of sizes and types. Contact us or stop by our location at 224 Thompson Street in Hendersonville, NC for information and to purchase your moving supplies. Don’t forget to sign up to receive a free, printable moving checklist that includes a special coupon discount.

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