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Our experts make the packing and distribution of physical estate items simple.

Dissolving an estate of any size or complexity is a daunting task, but our packing and shipping experts at Mail Box & Pack can make distributing the assets of any estate simple. Our team in Hendersonville, North Carolina can work closely with executors, family members, and trust and estate professionals to develop a customized estate shipping and packing plan to safely pack, distribute, and deliver artwork, antiques, fragile and valuable furniture, and other goods.

By its very nature, estate shipping and packing is a stressful undertaking when done independently. Our mission is to ease the strain of your relative’s passing by coming directly to the home, carefully packaging the items included in the estate, and then shipping the items to the right destinations with unparalleled gentleness and care. From antiques and jewelry to furniture and documents, we handle all estate items with the utmost sensitivity and concern.

Upon arrival at your relative’s home, our approach isn’t to just get the job done and get it done as quickly as we can. Rather, we treat everyone involved as we would want to be treated if we were in the same situation – with respect and complete courtesy.

We Can Simplify the Process of Estate Shipping and Packing! [infographic]

One of our seasoned account managers will personally oversee the estate shipping and packing process, so the distribution, packing, and delivery of important family heirlooms is managed with excellence. For a quote on estate shipping and packing, or additional information about what our process entails, please reach out to us at Mail Box & Pack today.

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