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Have you ever had a situation where you’ve lived at an address for several years and received junk mail addressed to someone that used to live there? This is a distressful situation from the view of the company sending out the direct mail for several reasons. While the mailing did arrive somewhere and wasn’t lost completely, the recipient can feel distrustful of a business that doesn’t appear to be organized well enough to keep their mailing lists current. Adding “or current resident” helps a little, but not nearly enough to eliminate the potential hit to the company’s image.

quality of the mailing lists that you are using

Another problem is that the current resident might not fit the criteria for the desired target audience like the previous owner did. If this is the case, the costs involved are wasted as it will never create a sale from that household. In a nutshell, if you are not getting the response that you expect from your direct mail campaigns, it could very well be the quality of the mailing lists that you are using. Not only could they be outdated addresses, but also not have been generated for the right demographics or target market.

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