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If one of your New Year resolutions this year is to take your business to the next level in terms of gaining market share and increasing profitability, there are some ways where your local copy & print services store can be your best friend. Here are three print ideas to consider that could help you keep your resolution this year.

print services store can be your best friend

  • Inserts into shipments- Reaching new potential customers is important for increasing your customer base, but don’t forget that repeat customers can be valuable, too! Print a card, brochure, or flyer to place into each shipment you send. A call to action, such as a discount on their next order, or asking them to leave a review on your website, is a great way to grow your business.
  • Direct mail- With a properly developed mailing list and an attention-grabbing brochure, you should see an influx of new business. If you can get the print services and the direct mail services at the same place, your project will get done rather quickly and the new flow of customers can begin before you know it.
  • Print brochures- If your business is something that travelers would benefit from, consider creating brochures you can place at area hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and other key locations.

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