How to Pack a Breakable Item for Shipping

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When you are going to ship something, you might consider the right box or how much it will cost. However, when you are shipping items that are breakable, a lot more thought needs to go into how you pack the item as well as how you ship it, especially if you are a business shipping to a customer. At Mail Box & Pack, we are expert packers and would love to help you pack your delicate items for personal or business shipping. Here are a few how-to tips that can help ensure your items get to their destination in one piece.

How to Pack a Breakable Item for Shipping

  • Get a bigger box. Yes, we know that smaller boxes are going to be less expensive. However, shipping a breakable item in a smaller box just means that you aren’t going to have enough room for proper packing materials that can cushion your items and prevent breakage.
  • Choose your materials carefully, starting with the box itself. Strong, sturdy boxes are going to be able to hold their shape easier and won’t yield if a heavier box is placed on top. Corrugated inserts act like an extra layer. You could also consider using a Styrofoam cooler, and placing it inside the box. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and air inserts are all valuable tools that should be utilized to the fullest to help keep an item from breaking during transport. Don’t forget the final product- the packing tape! Choose high quality packing tape that is strong enough for your package.
  • Don’t forget insurance. One of the best things that you can do is to know the value of your item and insure it before shipping. Sometimes even properly packaged materials will get broken or even lost, and insurance can protect you from financial loss.

To learn more about how to pack delicate items for shipping, we invite you to come talk with us here at Mail Box & Pack today.