4 Reasons To Hire a Design-Print-Copy Center To Increase Your Profit

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Small business owners are always searching for ways to maximize their profits. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced, tight economy. Making the most of your resources — like time and toner — and eliminating unnecessary expenses are at the top of our minds.

“If you believe you’re saving money handling your own business services – small volume printing, copying, and binding – read on; you could actually be losing money instead.”

4 Reasons To Hire a Design-Print-Copy Center To Increase Your ProfitImagine this scenario… You’ve got an important client meeting later in the day during which time you’ll be going through a detailed report and presentation with your recommendations. You just put the finishing touches on the lengthy business presentation, and now it’s time to print, make a few color copies, and bind them for your meeting. As each sheet of paper feeds in to your printer, you painstakingly watch to make sure every page prints properly. Then, the dreaded happens. You run out of ink! Now you’ve got to head off to the local office supply store to buy new ink for your printer. All this effort has taken up hours of your time, causing an unnecessary added expense.

What would have happened if you emailed or uploaded your presentation documents and brochure to your local print, copy and fax service instead of trying to do everything yourself?

4 Reasons why Outsourcing Your Small Business Design, Print, & Copy Services Can Make You More Money

  1. Save Time
    Have you ever calculated the worth of your time? If not, it’s a good exercise to complete the analysis. In doing so, you’ll identify the tasks on which you should be spending your time >> bringing in more business. Watching your inkjet or laser printer isn’t one of them, especially when one compares the amount of time saved by not doing so. A typical inkjet prints three pages per minute. Professional printers can handle a much higher volume. For example, Mail Box & Pack’s printers and copiers can print or reproduce documents up to 50 pages per minute.
  2. Save Money
    It’s not uncommon for inkjet costs per page analyses to work out to be between $0.25 and $1 per page. The cost for laser jet prints can be upwards of around $0.46 per page. That can get expensive when you have large or colorful projects to print. Contact us for a FREE printing quote on your next print project and compare pricing to your in-house printing.
  3. Reduce Aggravation
    Jammed paper, several pieces of paper feeding through at the same time, running low or out of ink can all cause unwanted aggravation and cost, too. At Mail Box & Pack, we’ve made our print, copy and fax services convenient for small business needs. All you have to do is email (or upload) your file to us and we handle the rest.
  4. Present Your Business More Professionally
    Let’s face it; people can tell the difference between something printed on a light-duty, inkjet printer vs. a professionally printed job. A design, print, copy and small office center, like Mail Box & Pack, can provide affordable, quick, graphic design services to final production of your marketing collateral or business project. That means you have access to the expertise of local professionals to increase your business brand.

Finally, right now you can save 10% on your design and print needs just by partnering with us for your small business office support!

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