When are Notary Services Necessary?

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When signing important documents, such as a will, a marriage license, or the sales deed for a property, you will likely need to get the document notarized. Documents like this must be witnessed and signed by a third party, called a notary public, to become legally valid. This extra step is a bit inconvenient, but the additional effort is worth it for the legal protection it provides. Our team at Mail Box & Pack provides convenient notary services to help you get your documents signed as soon as possible.

When are Notary Services Necessary?

In this article, we will provide a few examples of when notary services are necessary.

  • Real Estate Documents – Many of the situations that call for notary services involve the sale or transfer of real estate. If you are buying a house, you will need to get the deed notarized, and you’ll most likely need a notary to sign the mortgage paperwork as well.
  • Legal Documents – You will also need notary services to validate various legal documents. For example, if you are making a will or establishing a trust, then you will need to get those papers notarized. In addition, you’ll need a notary to sign things like marriage licenses, custody agreements, and advanced directives.
  • Financial Documents – A third type of document that requires notary services is financial paperwork. For example, if you want to incorporate your business, then you will need to get the articles of incorporation notarized. Similarly, you’ll need to notarize things like commercial leases, vendor, and supplier contracts, etc.

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