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Here at Mail Box & Pack, we provide a comprehensive range of services to help you make sure your packages get where they need to go and ensure you get the documents you need. Our team understands that documents quickly pile up and you will need to dispose of most of them eventually in order to keep your office from becoming cluttered. When you need to dispose of any printed material, you can turn to us for shredding services.

Shredding 101

In this article, we will go over some of the types of materials that you should always shred in order to prevent others from reading your private information.

  • Bank Statements- The purpose of paper shredding is to make it impossible for anyone to read the information on your old documents, as criminals could then use that information to do things like access your finances and online accounts. With this in mind, one type of document that you should always shred rather than just throw out is your bank statements. If you throw out your financial documents while they’re still intact, others could dig them out of the trash and use that information against you, so always make sure they are thoroughly destroyed.
  • Credit Card Offers- You should also use our shredding services to dispose of your junk mail, and especially credit card offers. Many credit card offers contain enough identifying information to allow anyone to impersonate you and activate the cards without your knowledge, which can then put you in serious trouble.
  • Client Information- If you run a business, you will also need to use shredding services to dispose of any documents containing private information from your clients. As we’ve discussed in the rest of the article, you don’t want to leave any sensitive information behind for others to read, so you will need to destroy your business’ old documents when the time comes.

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