Should You Direct Mail Thank You Cards?

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It doesn’t take long when listening to marketing advice to hear that it takes more effort to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you have. That means that anything you can do to continually impress your current customers is critical to your success. A handwritten thank you card after completing a project for a customer is always appreciated, but you don’t have to stop there.

personalize your direct mail campaign

There are many situations in which you’d want to thank a customer, such as when they refer you to someone they know, give you a testimonial either online or in print format, place a new order, or even if they simply met with you to discuss a project but haven’t become a customer just yet. In addition, direct mail can prove useful for thanking all your customers at once. A mailing at the end of the year that thanks everyone for working with you is an effective way to raise top-of-mind awareness. Being thankful during the holidays is another route to take. A simple thank-you postcard in November can put you ahead of the typical Christmas card rush and put you top-of-mind for the holidays.

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