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Whether a tiny portion of your marketing budget goes to direct mail or you spend several thousand dollars a month on direct mail, you want to make sure you’re getting results from these efforts. But right now, you may or may not be seeing results from these campaigns. Here are some of our recommendations for getting results from your next direct mail campaign:

Our Top Tips for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

  • People are more receptive to marketing during the holiday season. We recommend doubling up on your direct mail efforts during the holidays or waiting and using more of your budget for direct mail during the holiday season.
  • Position your brand as generous and kind by sending out direct mail on people’s birthdays. For example, you may want to give your customers a coupon for a certain percentage off a product or service during their birthday month.
  • Don’t just target one demographic with direct mail, but focus your efforts on a variety of people. Some demographics are less likely to use social media and view technological ads, making direct mail a good bet, while others are less likely to respond to sales calls, which can also make direct mail effective.
  • You should also send out direct mail when you have time to follow up with your customers. If you’re too busy to see a campaign through to its end, wait until your business gets less busy.

Direct mail can be a highly cost-effective way to reach new people and bring in new business. To set up your next direct mail campaign, contact us at Mail Box & Pack.

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