Expert Tips for Packing Your Boxes More Effectively

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Our team at Mail Box & Pack has extensive experience in packaging goods to be shipped, and we are here to help you make sure your packages arrive intact. If you have had complaints that your goods were damaged in transit, we encourage you to keep reading to learn a few tips on how to pack your items more effectively.

Expert Tips for Packing Your Boxes More Effectively

•  Wrap Items Individually- Our first tip for packing your items so that they’ll be safe during transit is to wrap each item individually using bubble wrap, foam sheets, or paper. This wrapping helps to cushion each item, preventing anything in the box from hitting anything else with enough force to cause damage. Your items will inevitably shift a bit during transit, but wrapping each one individually will prevent them from jostling so much that they break.

•  Fill the Empty Space- When packing boxes, you should fill all the empty space between the items and the box’s walls with packing peanuts, Styrofoam, or paper to further cushion the items. Your items should never be left loose to shift around inside the box, but should all be packed closely around with cushioning materials to prevent anything from hitting the walls.

•  Use Quality Boxes and Tape- A third tip for packing your items more effectively is to use strong, high-quality boxes and sturdy tape. We recommend using new boxes for each shipment, rather than repurposing old ones, as cardboard boxes lose an estimated 60% of their strength after the first shipment. In addition, make sure to use high-quality tape to seal all the openings shut.

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